Share your images with a wider audience, whilst being rewarded with vouchers/products.

Post To A Wider Audience

Frive allows users to post to an audience that is beyond the ‘typical’ social network audience of friends and family. The more you use the app, the more other people will see your images.


Swipe through other peoples images, either liking or disliking them. For every swipe you complete, you earn 1 credit. Put the credits you earn onto your own images. 100 credits on an image, means that 100 other people will see it. 10,000 credits, means 10,000 other people will see your image and so on…

Receive Vouchers

If posting to a wider audience wasn’t enough… We also give vouchers for using Frive as well!


When other users see your image, they can either like or dislike it (hopefully like!). Use the likes you receive on all of your images to choose from a selection of vouchers/products. For example, a £10 voucher may cost ‘500 likes’.

Daily Rewards Ladder

Frive also rewards you for using the app each day. On the ladder, you can also receive vouchers/products/credits and more!


Swipe through 25 images every day, and climb up the rewards ladder. Using the app for a few days consecutively, will mean reaching new levels.

Competition – Win 1% Equity in Frive

We are giving people the chance to win a 1% equity stake in Frive. The competition winner will own 1% of a new social network, with huge potential.


Reach Level 3 on our ‘Daily Rewards Ladder’, and you will receive a ticket to the competition. Once you have reached Level 3, you will also get a ticket to the competition for every user you subsequently refer to Frive.

Swipe Through Images

Without having to be looking for love!

Full Screen Images

With full screen images, your pictures will have the opportunity to be shown in the highest quality possible

You choose the amount of people who will see your images

By applying credits to an image, you are choosing exactly how many people you want to see your image. This is unlike any other social network we are aware of.


Receive and manage your notifications


Choose from a variety of image filters when uploading your images

Get in Touch

Have any feedback, suggestion, or thoughts about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you ASAP.